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New home for a Porsche ?

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Retro Andy:
 Hi, is anyone interested in a slightly larger project than their C5 ? I recently bought a Porsche 944 with the intension of making it A1 again, but dont have the time and cant do the bodywork myself, and paying someone to do it for me, is not the same.
Its a 944 16 Ventiler, D'reg 1987 with 162000 miles on the clock, it is tax'd and Mot expires December, it requires a rear driveshaft (easy repair and costs £45.00 second hand) driver's seat repair and attention to rust on bottom of wings, sills and rear panels, also dent in driver's door.
With the work done this car would be worth up to £2500.00 and fast becoming a collectable classic.   
Contact me on 01553 674912 if anyone is interested, possible swap for Toyota Celica. Retro Andy

posh classic cars must be a common theme amongst C5 owners  8)

I had my Merceds 300ce  and you've got a Porsche  :)

Cool !

Retro Andy:
Or is it we are all mad, or just dont want to grow up ?

Retro Andy

not as posh but i had a triumph herald 13/60 and a GT6 and now i have a chevrolet G20 A team van just not in A team colour's

Retro Andy:
Better get the black and red paint out !


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