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Au revoir old friend...

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I've retired my trusty old Ford Sierra & taken the plunge with a Toyota Estima MPV  :)

Nothing wrong with the Sierra, it was  (& still is) a fab car - it just wasnt big enough to carry all the C5alive stuff to the shows etc.

My neighbour has bought it, so I can still keep ane eye on it  8)

Estima's are great  ;D
We've got one and they are so handy for carrying stuff around ... aswell as the kids  :D
If you ever need Estima advice check out www.estimaowners.com Home of the Toyota Estima owners club. Got some very knowledgeable people on there.
And for servicing,  Bob certainly knows his
stuff http://www.rcmvr.co.uk/.  He's also the person that helped build the jet dragster on Scrapheap Challenge  ;D
I'm a member, although i haven't posted for ages .. too many forums  :D


Those are some very useful links there daz, cheers mate - most appreciated  ;)

I was a bit worried about the cost of running the thing....Halfords quoted me £90 for a pair of wiper blades  :o :o :o....my local Toyota dealer was considerably less at £40 - but it's still a bit shocking !

Those links suggest using the right people will save me a few pennies, so when we meet up at one of the meetings the beer's on me mate  8). 

didnt no your other job was a mini cab driver karl  :D ;D

Cheers Karl  ;D
Even though Bob's based in Essex we had him come to ours in Sawtry and he did a full service, and fitted a rear fog light all for a very good price.
He's also the chairperson of the owners club.

So you haven't tried running on veg yet then  :D
( saying that. we're still yet to give it a go )

Best see about getting myself a C5 and get along to a meet  :)



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