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How much !?!


My latest check-up at the dentist showed I need a crown fitted on one of my back teeth.

£200 NHS for shiny metal , or £375 gold/white porcelain  :o

If I wasn't so allergic to pain I'd use my Dremmel and ......, damn forgot about the pain aspect  :-\

Anyone else had this done, and does it hurt ?

Only financially !! ;D

I have three gold crowns! I love ,em!!!!   :-)


--- Quote from: Wizbat on  31, October, 2008  - 15:10:45 ---I have three gold crowns! I love ,em!!!!   :-)

--- End quote ---

I'd be worried about telling everyone mate, what with the credit crunch an all - be wary of anyone armed with a set of pliers   :-X ;D  :o


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