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Strange Dealings In Ebay

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I'd need some brake cables for #1, so I had a look in ebay.de for a set of Gore 'Road on' cables. I found two sets being offered by the same bloke, termination for bidding was today and they lay a couple of minutes apart. I normally snipe but today I had to go somewhere and wouldn't be at home to give a last minute bid, so I placed a bid on the second item, at the starting price of €20, so if someone else wanted a pair there would be no conflict.

When I returned home I found that the first pair were unsold and I had been outbid by 50 cents on the second pair.  :( I found this to be somewhat strange, why would someone miss the first pair out and want to pay more for the second?

OK these things happen and I've seen many strange things on ebay, just wait and see if he repeats the offer on the first pair. This is where the really strange part takes place. The auction finished at 11:27 and at 13:16 I receive an email from ebay offering me, as second highest bidder, the opportunity to to purchase the cables as the highest bidder was unable to pay.  :o :o :o :o

I've had offers in the past, were I've been second highest, and the vendor has more than one identical article, but never with the comment that the winner was unable to pay.  :-\

Retro Andy:
I have had problems with ebay recently, my wife sold a dress and the bidder clamed it did'nt get delivered, but what was strange she never contacted us untill over two weeks after we had posted it  :( This weekend we won an auction, paid for the item and then the next day received a refund from the seller saying they had removed it from ebay two weeks earlier ? Strange as it was a seven day listing, I think they expected to get more money for it  :( We also received something damaged a few months back, returned it and the seller then relisted it got the money from a second auction before returning my refund which then the funds failed to transfer to my paypal and had to wait another week before they returned my payment  :( All in all a bit annoyed with ebay over the past few months.

Retro Andy. 

Hi Karl

I must say that sounds very fishy to me. It almost sounds like the seller has being bidding against you to bump the price up and then given you the second chance offer when he realised he had out bid you!

Hi Dave,

this was the first thought that went through my mind.

I'm not going to take up his offer, I'm in no hurry, I'll wait and  see what he puts into ebay in the future.

I personally would report the suspicions about the brake cable dealings to eBay because they come down hard on that sort of thing to try to stamp it out.


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