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Me to young

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Luke S:
I though I'll ask just for next year and the year after, I am fearing that I won't be able to take part in some of the events next year or the year after because I am to young, (12 years old). If I can't let me know :(:(:(


Luke S:
I though I and my dad would gear up my C5, get the accessories and get it all working for 2013, just now it dawned on me that I am too young :( :( >:(

You would need a battery to participate in any of the runs - you wouldn't be able to keep up otherwise. Though I can't see any police pulling a C5 over to check the driver's age. I use mine daily and haven't been pulled over once.

Luke S:
I have a battery  :) :) :)

Luke S:
It's just getting the C5 working!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need a new Pod I think:(:(:(:(:(:(:(


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