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Xantia - Roman God of Profiteering

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That's really kind of you, I went through two tubes of epoxy today and they're now firmly stuck, but I can't see a bloody thing out of them lol  ::)


Finally found the elusive mirrors, and as it's now 18 years old and almost a classic(!) I thought I'd treat it to a bit of work this week. Four new tyres and a full service.

Unfortunately the new tyres have thrown the tracking completely out and the service has highlighted badly worn front discs, rusted out rear discs, and a perished cam belt so the fun continues ::) All this on a car that has 7 months MOT remaining lol!

One thing I wanted to pick your mechanical minds over... it's a 1.9 Turbo Diesel and it's averaging an incredible 15mpg! No leaks, no binding brakes, no intercooler, intercooler clue! The only culprit left is the injectors but surely it can't cause that sort of uneconomy?!

Retro Andy:
I did have a xantia 3.0 v6 petrol auto for a while, but it had overheating problems  :( so I did'nt keep it for long.

Retro Andy.


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