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Author Topic: Who does what at C5Alive  (Read 2396 times)

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Who does what at C5Alive
« on: 05, April, 2014 - 12:27:38 »
C5alive has grown and several changes have taken place behind the scenes, so here is a list of who does what ;


Neil (Brooksymk)                           

Ed (Edward Green)         

Pat (patbrooks)

Marty (Radiomarty)

Website Design & Build

Dan (thedesigntailor)

Pat (patbrooks)


Andy (Retroandy)

Marty (Radiomarty)

Servicing & Repairs

Below is a list of C5Alive forum members who are capable of working on the C5 and have offered their services . You will need to contact them direct and negotiate any cost with them.

Radiomarty :

C5enthusiast & restorer (Chas) :

RetroAndy :
C5Alive Partner – Neil Brooks :

Technical advice