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Forum Guide
« on: 05, April, 2014 - 12:29:03 »
Welcome to the c5alive forum, we have created the following guide to help you to get the most out of your Sinclair C5.

Below is an index of the different sections we currently have on the forum, we have tried to create specific areas to make it easier for to you to make and find posts. These sections are subject to change as we are constantly trying to improve the forum to make it the most useful tool for all C5 owners.

C5Alive General Category

Welcome To The Forum

      Introduce yourself to the members

Forum Guide

      You are here

C5 Meetings & Events

   List of all the events and meetings were involved in

C5 Shop *** NEW ***
   All about the on-line shop

C5 Competitions *** NEW ***
   Section for all competitions being run by the forum and or Facebook

C5alive Information
   General news section

C5 Chatroom
   Somewhere to discuss all things C5

C5 Socialising
   Chat with

C5 Publicity
   Place for any news or footage of the Sinclair C5

C5 Gallery
   A place for you to upload your pictures for us all to see

C5 Help

Tried & Tested : Share your good,or bad, experiences
   Report your findings on parts & accessories that you have/do use

The Perran Newman section
   Perran designed the control box & pod

Components List
   The place for anyone to list parts for hard to source components for the Pod & Control Box

TECH TIPS from C5Martin
C5 Faults & Solutions
   Details of some of the known faults with the C5

C5 Support
   Any technical questions you would like to ask for members advice

C5Alive Marketplace

For Sale - Complete Sinclair C5

Wanted - Complete Sinclair C5

For Sale - Sinclair C5 Parts & Accessories

Wanted - Sinclair C5 Parts & Accessories

The Chas section
Chas is a C5 enthusiast and restorer and lists the items he has here and what his recent projects have been

Other Items
      To advertise other items of interest

Other Interests, Hobbies and Sinclair Products

Other interests and hobbies
   A place to show others what else you spend your time and money on

Sinclair x1 For fans of the latest vehicle from Sinclair Research
   For fans of the latest vehicle from Sinclair Research

We also have an archive section where all posts that are no longer valid or relevant are moved to, everyone has access to this area and there is currently up to 5 years of history in this section and this will continue to grow over the future years. History of the C5 is important to us at C5Alive so if you have the time have a browse, you may find some interesting posts from earlier years.

C5Alive Forum – Archive

Complete Archive

Covers archive sections for all areas of the forum in separate folders for ease to browse.
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