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Twin Zikes:
As my username suggests I have twin Zikes for sale.
One has been used fairly regularly but now doesn't seem to hold charge. The other is in bits. I've started to look at the main one but lost interest! Various bits with them, chargers, basket etc.

Retro Andy:
Hello, where abouts are you and what price are you looking for them ?

Retro Andy.

Twin Zikes:
Hi Andy,
I'm in Loughborough, Leics. Not sure of the value but I thought around £250 for the pair seems a fair price.
Feel free to call if interested..01509 217772

Retro Andy:
You are over 100 miles away, I might be interested after christmas if you still have them. Many thanks for your reply.

Retro Andy.

Twin Zikes:
Still available....


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