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Two Zikes for sale...

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Retro Andy:
I would like one, but had issue's with my car's suspension after christmas, part of my fence came down in the strong winds and my computer is playing up (hence why I haven't been on the forum much lately) so I'm not able to take one off your hands at the moment, but keep me posted please.

Retro Andy.   

Have you still got the Zikes and are you prepared to sell the one in bits separately? Thanks.....

Twin Zikes:
Well they are in the way now, any sensible offers?

Bit of a trek but will think about it as I've been after one for my collection.

Twin Zikes:
It would be a hell of a trek on a Zike!  :)
Give me a shout if you want any more info...
Or 01509 217772


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