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Hi all

I will be listing my Sinclair Zike on e bay shortly, i thought i would see if there was any interest on here first, it is in very good condition with the original charger and hand book.

It does charge but i think the batts will need replacing.

Its in very good condition and works great. The person i got it from had it from New and it had never been outside.

I am looking for about £250 for it but sensible offers welcome.

You can e mail me through the forum or direct at G0XBJ@YAHOO.COM

Selling it as we are off to Canada in the near future and won't be taking it with us  :(   So its got to go, would like it to go to someone who will appreciate it.

It will come with a spare NOS control board (if sold on here) or will be available seperately if listed on E bay.


Hello, I Currently have a Zike that has a Duff Control Board. I have posted a listing in the 'other items' section previously asking if anyone knew where a replacement might be available.

I would love to get an up & running Zike by rebuilding mine (which currently languishes in a box in pieces having been stripped down ready for a rebuild)

If you dont have contact from anyone regarding the sale of the zike with control board. It would be great if you could offer it to me.

My budget cant stretch to buying your complete Zike & board. but if you decide to sell them seperately, would greatly appreciate it if you would make contact with me.

hope to hear from you



No problem, will keep you in mind.

You can e mail me through the forum or direct at G0XBJ@YAHOO.COM

Does anyone you know want to by a NEWLY MANUFACTURED ZIKE DRIVE BELT, I have just obtained from a company in Germany..Regards JEFF on 07974 645849.. 8)

Retro Andy:
I hear Canada is really nice, sounds like you will be moving not just a holiday ? All the best mate  :)

Retro Andy


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