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MC5 waterproof jackets with front cover attachment

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Genuine c5 jackets for sale. £42.00 each including postage uk.
Medium in size and grey.
Original produce from the 80's perfect for the authentic owner of the c5.
I bought from a dealer closing down over 15 yrs ago and adapted mobility scooters to keep operators dry.
Fantastic bit of clothing with waterproof sheet that attaches to the c5 to keep you dry

Cool, can you send me a paypal invoice for one of these to support@vectorlight.net, thanks!

PS. Can you post of a picture of the jackets that you're selling?


My email is dangibbselectricalservices@live.co.uk
Send a message And I'll send you some pics of the product.

I can vouch for these coats as genuine after having doubted the seller. I can only apologise to Daniel Gibbs for this mis-understanding. If you want one don't have second thoughts, they are the genuine McCoy.
I have one sitting in front of me as I eat my humble pie.

Santa arrived today with 2 c5 coats for me a only 1 ? For my lad.
Now to coax my lad out in his without his mates seeing him, lol


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