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Necessity is the mother of invention!

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Well the material has arrived, but I stated thinking about my physical condition. At my age I have problems just lifting 20kg, never mind the 30kg of a C5.  :-\ Plus, about 10 years ago I had an operation for a hernia, don't wanna a second one. ::) ::) ::)

I need at least two stands, but what good will they be stuck in one corner of the garage and the C5s in another. After chewing the mater over for a couple of days I think I've found the solution based on mark's fab effort. :)

When the arm is lifted the C5 is pushed back onto the stand, the axle locates in the pivoted top of the uprights, and with a little effort, bingo it's upright, I least hope it is.  ;D With this method I can, with ease, park the C5 with two batteries in situe (sealed of course).

I've decided to use wood instead of ali, got to watch the pennies these days. ;) Now I just need some measurements, the long beams, and some casters.  ::)

Been asked recently for the dimensions for the axle stand.
Base plate is (mm) 750x500, aluminium 3mm thick over a stainless box section frame (stainless steel), box section 20x40.
The uprights are 265mm tall to the centre of the axle and are 340mm apart, 180mm from the widest edge of the base plate and central from either edge.
Hope this helps.


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