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Necessity is the mother of invention!

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Know the feeling, can sympathize with that RS !!

I like the fifth picture....looks like a droid :)

Hi there it looks great Will it be ok if I make one or two for myself ..???????????/   any chance of the measurements ....bye Chas

Hello Chas, Glad you like the axle stand and even more so that you want to make your own. I don't have any finished plans that I can present to you but it's made from quality materials and is very sturdy in use. It has a box section frame (750mm x 500mm) and uprights (275mm high) with an 2mm thick aluminium base plate to give it a more finished and hopefully professional finish. In the end I over engineered it by using eight bearings instead of the original four for the rolling road option which is great for running the C5 whilst working on it or for testing purposes. The frame is made from 20 x 40mm stainless steel box section.  The most difficult part was getting the 24mm holes machined out as the stainless box section destroyed everything I threw at it, so I had to use the services of a local engineering company, then I simply cut the excess metal above to create the 'half moon' to locate the axle. If you need anymore information, please ask. Thanks.

Hi thanks for info will start building one asap Bye and thanks Chas


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