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The pros and cons of the C5 in everyday use

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As mentioned in my introductory thread, I am seriously considering buying a C5 to use as short distance, cheap transport. I love the idea and I think it would be much more convenient than simply riding a bike but I also want to get an idea for the shortcomings of the C5 and how these can (or can't) be remedied.

Obviously living out in the countryside means I can't ditch the car and for longer trips I'd probably be better off with 4 wheels a roof and an engine but for short journeys the idea of using a super economical fun little vehicle seems fantastic to me.


* Hills (Even slight inclines). Be prepared to pedal a lot
* Wet Weather.
* Narrow country lanes are quite dangerous in a C5 (I speak from experience :o)
* Battery life

* It'll save you a fortune on petrol
* Its a great way to get some exercise
* You'll get lots of people beeping and waving at you
* You'll be riding something all the kids think is brand new tech.
* You'll end up on Twitter a lot ;D

One inattentive driver and ,G-d forbid, your life will be dramatically shortened.


--- Quote from: coverman on  21, May, 2014  - 09:28:32 ---One inattentive driver and ,G-d forbid, your life will be dramatically shortened.

--- End quote ---

But am I going to be any less safe than on a bike? I figured the C5 was at least as easy to see as a pedal bike by most cars and with that reflector mast even the lorries can see you. Is there something fundamentally wrong with that theory?

Even with a high vis mast you are still a lot lot lower and wider in a c5 than a bike


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