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Just received my Zike I won on Ebay.

This will be another project to add to my C5 which I renovated and have used (should use it more)

I have to look into a possible buckled front wheel and a dead battery, but am well chuffed as it's number 00691.

I tried taking the battery out, but it's really tight. Someone's put string around to make it easier to pull out, obviously the control board will come out first before the battery. Is this right?

Hi Michael
Right on both counts, and all 3 of mine had the pull cord (string) to pull the battery out. Not for every day use, I think these are lethal on roads of today with pot holes. Just put mine on a shelf and forgot about them.
Love my C5 and use it on the roads locally.

Yes I have since found a picture of the string on another Zike so looks like the norm, looked such an after thought.

Mines as tight as anything, but will try again sometime when I get the back wheel off, first of all will look into the buckled front.

Michael - did you sort the battery pack issue out, as I'm going through the same pain at the moment. Got the thing out via the string and a screw inserted into the pack, but cannot find anything like it on the web.

No I have held fire for the moment.

I did have a website that dad has viewed for batteries for his model boats and they will build one.

I found I got it to hold charge outside the bike so laying on its side, but not if in the bike so not sure if it's got more of an issue.


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