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Sinclair C5 30th Birthday

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C5Alive would like to say Happy 30th Birthday to Sinclair C5, we thought you would like to see some original photos from the Hoover Factory in 1984/5 of these super smile machines being born.

Happy 30th Birthday  ;)

Wow.  Fantastic pictures. Our C5's could've been one in the pictures. 

Thanks for sharing :)

Now that 'we' are 30 years old, we get to qualify for the annual 'Ipswich to Felixstowe' classic car run. This is East Anglia's premier classic car run and always starts off the season on the first Sunday of May. Go to http://www.ipswichtransportmuseum.co.uk/events.htm for an entry form. It is about 12 miles starting at 'Christchurch Park' in the centre of Ipswich and finishing on the 'prom' at Felixstowe. I (and my daughter) did the run as a 'special event' with a couple of the C5s belonging to the museum a few years ago and found it to be 'easy'. There is a bit of a hill at the very start, but after that it's all on the flat, with cycle lanes (on road) most of the way. If the weather is nice there will be hundreds of people lining the route, and many thousands on the prom!

It says "* Only vehicles built on or before 30th April 1984 are eligible. (31 years old) " on their web site  ????   :o


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