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Which battery?

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Have nearly finished restoring my C5 and now need to buy a battery - the original Sinclair battery that came with it is unsurprisingly dead!

Which is the best battery to use?

What happens with the battery cover connections as any replacement battery will have different terminals to the Sinclair originals?

Thank you.


use the search function for 'Battery', you will find all the info you need. ;)

If you are going to use the original cover then the size of the battery is important, plus the battery needs to have the plus pole located on the left, you will also need pole adapters available in ebay, IIRC, in the boat accessories section.

If you mod the cables, and remove the cover, then you need a power switch in the circuit.

The other alternative is to fit one of Chas's power cable sets, includes a power switch. Send him a PM.

Just one small point, don't select an oversized battery, the battery space is very limited.

Just found this info in my files. The 063 battery has been recommended (correct size) by a few members.

Edit in red.

OK. Have fitted a power cable set from Chas now and connected up to a spare car battery - everything works!

Am now looking for a 80-85 Ah leisure battery to fit permanently, rather than using an 063 car battery. Can't seem to find one that fits - all too big. Any recommendations / info' gratefully received.

Thank you.

For those looking for a reasonably priced leisure battery try here:


Just wish they were available here. :( :(

Does the above battery fit in the c5's cabin ok?


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