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Future battery's!


Can't wait until there's battery's that don't need charging. That will be handy with the c5!

Don't know what your problem is Blue, just nip up the road to Intelligent Energy PLC in Loughborough and buy yourself a fuel cell pack.  ;D Only weights about 20 kilos, so remove the boot, clip on the pack, and you're off with 4 hours of running time on one filling (this is running time for their electric bike with a 6kW motor).
Only problems I can think of are, where do you tank up with hydrogen, and I should imagine a price in excess of £2k. :(

There will be an answer some day, will we live long enough to be able to use it though? Graphene and the Koreans may be the answer, recharge in 16 seconds.
See the link below:



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