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Author Topic: Paul Daniels and the first sale of a c5  (Read 2574 times)

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Paul Daniels and the first sale of a c5
« on: 20, February, 2016 - 20:55:23 »
I was sat in a restaurant having a meal with Paul Daniels we got chatting about the C5.   

During the day of filming for Tomorrows World,  Paul Daniels was due to do some filming at the BBC.  He turned up as usual in his car only to be told that he could not park his car in the car park by a snotty security guard.  So he turned his car round and parked in a street near by.  20mins later his phone rang, "Where are you?" the BBC asked.  He told them that he wasn't allowed in to park his car by security.  "Come back and we will send the guard on a break and let you in".  Paul drove back and parked.   

On walking through the car park he saw something odd whizzing about.  "Whats that?" he asked.  "Oh thats the new car Clive Sinclair is launching, they are testing it for the show Tomorrows world" replied the producer.  Paul walked over to the C5 and asked "Where can I get one?"  he was told by the man from Sinclair, they are coming out soon and he could get one for £400. "I wan't one now" said Paul. "you can't" came the reply.

"Listen, Tomorrow I will drive this through London and advertise it for you if I can buy one now!"  a few phone calls were made the deal done and a cheque was handed over.

The following day Paul took delivery of the C5 and took it back to the to London,  Got in and drove it past the very same security man at the BBC. He drove The C5 straight under the barrier and round the car park with security man in hot pursuit.  This was the only reason he wanted to buy the C5.

Later that day he drove it around London as promised.   

Paul thinks one of his son's has the C5 now. 


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Re: Paul Daniels and the first sale of a c5
« Reply #1 on: 21, February, 2016 - 09:49:41 »
Excellent ! :)

That's magic !
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Re: Paul Daniels and the first sale of a c5
« Reply #2 on: 21, February, 2016 - 15:23:59 »
Great that's just magic