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Does anyone have for sale.....?

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I am after the following, if anyone has any, let me know your price:

1. Boot look with key
2. Wing Mirrors
3. Indicators
4. High Vis mast

I am sure theres more but that will keep me busy!


You can get the poles for the mast from B&Q, £2.50/pm so all you need is the top (I think)

Retro Andy:
C5 Alive's high vis mast is a good copy of the original

Retro Andy

New original Sinclair items for 1,2 & 4 should still be available from Adam Harper.

New Sinclair indicator kits are no longer available and are very difficult to obtain.....ask Umpa ,he's been searching for a set for ages.   

I have a C5 with wing mirrors, indicators and a horn.......I am torn between selling it off as it is or breaking it down and selling the bits individually ???

Parts on ebay have been going for really high prices recently.


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