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Wing mirrors and indicator kit wanted

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Hey all

I am after both of these items, and am willing to swap for some parts I have but no longer need

I have lots of bits I no longer need due to upgrading the electrics so let me know if you can help and what you need in exchange


Mate - I'm afraid you've set you sights on some of the most desirable items possible.

C5martin recently sold a set of indicators ,but they weren't cheap -  this is because they are virtually unobtainable;

Mirrors aren't as bad though, Adam Harper still sells those new at £59 plus p&p ;


You might find it easier/cheaper to buy a C5 that has those bits fitted and then take what you want from it before selling it on again.


C5's look really cool with indicators and mirrors.  Mirrors are ok to get brand new they are about £65 - indicators - best of luck m8, last set went for about £175


I had a real problem getting some that I could afford.

Is that £59 for a pair of wing mirrors or each ?

for a Pair including P&P (i think)  I bought two sets coz they make the C5's so much more cool.


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