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Zeta experience anyone?

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I just managed to lay my hands on a complete working Zeta, but I'm puzzling about how to fit it. It looks like it bolts to the rear frame, but no matter how much jiggling I do I can't seem to find a place where it's happy! Is the lever meant to engage and disengage it? Anyone have scanned instructions or can explain how to bolt it on?

Hi there Dan go on to Youtube you may find some info there ...Chas

I fitted one of those  motor assistance units to a friend's bike via the front brake caliper mounting. In my opinion the word Rubbish adequately described the product. i sent it back after two days of unreliability.

I have a pdf of the manual if you want it....

John - PLOD11

Actually I just want to get rid of it lol! It's terrible!


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