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I seperated body shell... Oops!

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When stripping down my new C5, I removed the top body shell from the bottom body shell.  Did I make a bog mistake and how can I re-affix these back together.  Someone else must have made this mistake at another time before and figured out the best way to re-attach.

Adam from the USA

Hi if you have separated the two halfs then You do have a problem as there is no glue that will stick both parts together .what they did when building them they used a metal beading wire  along the  joint and then put both parts together then applied an electric current to the braiding wire and in doing so fused both parts together
Any way on how you can put both parts back together I am not sure how you can do it
Sorry Chas

I had that feeling half way through that I was doing something bad, but I had already committed so I finished.  Not sure what to do here.    Currently I have larger problems with the C5 that need attention first.  Finding another body shell state-side would be difficult, and I don't want to see one ruined.  I will update this when I try something later.

I'm sure there will be a suitable method, you just need to Google and search around. Something like a wide bonding tape with adhesive. There will be adhesives used in the aero industry or the likes. Clean surfaces well beforehand with something like meths. If the method does not work then drink the meths.


the body is made of polypropylene, this material sweats a fine oily substance which makes it almost impossible to adhere anything to its surface. This is the reason the Sinclair body was welded and not glued, gluing would have been far cheaper. This is also the reason it's difficult to spray a C5 body without a special undercoat.

You could use heat treatment to force to oily substance out. If you know someone with a drying booth, e.g. a spray booth or similar, ask the owner if you could leave the parts in the booth, covered of course, for several heat cycles. Or use a heat gun, with caution. This would be a very risky solution, the surface must be hot enough to prepare the surface, but not too hot otherwise the surface will distort.  ::) With a heat gun you need to heat up surfaces several times, and this can be very tedious. >:(

The other possibility is to check with a windshield specialist, with some  cars the windshields are welded in with the electrical welding tape principle.

Hope this of some help.


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