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My tire bolt came loose driving home and started "clicking".  on further inspection the "clicking" was the plastic drive gears from tire to axl wearing the teeth.  Is there any known replacements to this?  On the 24V versions C5's, how do you go about reinforcing this weak link?  I tightened the tire nut very tight and all is well (enough) but still slips "clicks" every so often when the gear is jumping teeth.  Also when tightening the tire nut down to "solve" the gear issue, the tire will not rotate as easily.

To be more specific, the gears in question are not the drive gears from the motor belt.  It's the "Tire Gears" for the drive tire.  The slipping / teeth wear issue is for both motor driven and pedal driven

Hi Adam,

there are two ways of stopping the belt from slipping,

The first is to loosen the motor clamp and rotate the motor until the slack has been taken up.

The second is to use a cable tie to prevent  the motor from twisting. Have a look here: http://c5alive.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,1181.0.html

Av phun.

Karl,  It's not the Belt gear.  It's mated part where the wheel attaches to the axl.  So when pedaling or driving by motor and the axl turns, the wheel does not turn.   Pedaling or motor free spins the axl without moving the tires

Hi there not sure what you mean but I think this is the problem ,,,,,,....???? Check out the photos and you will see that there are two washers between the large white cog and the wheel ..when you tighten the wheel that some times happens is the alloy plate comes loos due to there not being enough washers between them and the plate becomes loose you may need more washers between them as if axle has gone round but not the wheel it's because the plate may have worn down the 6 plastic wheel clips so you need to put the alloy plate back on the wheel and May have to put 1/2 washer on the axle tube bearing to stop the plate from moving of the wheel ..there needs to be a little play but very little ..
Sorry if it sounds hard to understand ....
But if you want you could send me a PM measage and leave your full landline no then I will ring you up later
All the best Chas .

As you can see in the last photo the alloy plat has come off it needs to be pushed back on to the wheel then washers between the plate and the large drive cog so that there is just a little play between them .if you are not sure just get back to me
Bye Chas


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