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Think yourself lucky you're not a teenager... lol

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I've completely screwed myself over...
Head over heels in debt...
I keep giving my mum what I can out of my college funding, And So far, I've given her 95 quid towards my £160 debt...
And all of a sudden, She says "No, It wasnt 95, It was 30... And thats gone to paying off your old phone bills!"... She says I owe her a further 150 in phone bills  cause I went over my contract last YEAR!... Now I have a motorbike out front that I Cant finish repairing... And I cant afford the insurance, Cant afford my license... I cant get f*** all for SELLING IT! So as of now, I have no money at ALL for nearly 10 weeks! None at ALL!  :'(

Sorry... Really needed to vent... Right now, I've got nothing to look forward to except a C5 meet... If I can scrounge the money to bloody get there....
Sorry if I sound so gloomy.

Apart from that , everything ok ?


Yeah mostly... Everything is money money F'in money! and I HATE it

Dont want to push you over the edge, but it isnt all a bowl of cherries when you get the grey hairs and wrinkles...

Mortgage, Interest rates, Divorce, Job security, Pensions, kids ....I'll stop now before I depress myself !

On the plus side, I can insure a 900cc motorbike for £140 fully comp  ;)

Funny stuff money .

It buggers everything up when you want everything at once , be patient young man You will get there in the end .

mortgage,kids ,debt,aches,pains,red letters,bills,cars,grey hair,wife,unemployment,hunger,floods,war,council tax.

Thank god Ive got a C5

Make the most of it Alex your on the sunny side of the street at the moment

 ;) ;) ;)



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