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Wing mirrors


Paul Langton-Rogers:

I'm after a pair of wing mirrors, but the original ones seem to sell for crazy prices (there's a pair on eBay now for £180!).

I'm not too keen on the 3D printed ones being sold, as these look rather expensive too and the finish quality is not quite to my liking.

A quick search on eBay for "electric indicator wing mirrors", reveals tons of cheap wing mirror pairs (some new for bicycles, some used pulled off cars) which might be a cheaper alternative as they generally sell for £15-£50 a pair...however I need to figure out a secure and tidy way to attach them onto the C5 body.

So does anyone have any advice, suggestions or ideas on attaching non-standard wing mirrors?

Ideally I'd like to use smaller car-type with indicators on.

Paul Langton-Rogers:
bumping my own post...

I've been watching on eBay and it's rare to see original C5 wing mirrors come up for auction... like most things in the weird and wonderful C5 world, wing mirrors are one of the oddities...one of the most expensive things on a C5 to replace!!! £180 I've seen original ones in mint condition going for. It seems anything plastic, and unique to the C5 is very expensive (even the flimsy 2 front wheel covers can set you back £40-£80!!? and £70 for a set of original indicators!!) Yet things you would expect to be expensive like the charger, the motor, electrics etc, tend to go very cheap.. I guess it's a case of easily replaceable parts (with modern equivalents) are cheap, whilst injected molded original parts, hard to replicate are very expensive with such a limited supply and high demand for those parts.

Coming back to the wing mirrors question..

I've seen a LOT of electric car wing mirrors off all kinds of cars being sold cheap on eBay (many with indicators on the back and electric adjusting). Some are similar design/size to the original C5 and wouldn't look out of place. How would you fix them to the C5 though? Has anyone designed or discovered any fixing brackets which clamp onto the C5, rather than having to bolt on and drill holes in the C5?


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