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Handlebar question


Paul Langton-Rogers:

Is it possible to either move the C5's handlebar further forward, or replace it entirely with something more resembling a conventional bicycle steering column and handlebar? Looking at the chassis and the front fork, it looks in theory possible, but I'm not sure whether this would work in practice?

I have yet to ride a C5, but it seems to me a terrible design decision to put the handlebar where it is beneath the knees, it's fine for youths and people short in height, but for adults and tall men particularly, it looks like a very cramped riding position with your legs permanently bent and knees sticking up! I imagine it's ok for riding short distances, but I wouldn't want to ride 6 miles let alone 20 miles with my knees bent up in that position!

Any comments on this? Maybe it's just my perception and it's not so bad?


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