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Possible replacement chasis/major C5 upgrade solution...


Paul Langton-Rogers:
I discovered these American recumbent tricycles selling on eBay (£276 new in Germany + £8 delivery!)

The size (length and width) looks nearly ideal for the C5 and its adjustable with rear suspension I think. Maybe this could be a replacement chassis and since it has better rear wheel assembly, it might make for an interesting upgrade mod if someone wanted to do a rear hub drive C5 and have a better seat?

Not sure about the steering though!!

MOBO Triton Recumbent Tricycle

eBay Seller page:


Paul Langton-Rogers:
That was a crazy idea on reflection. For start that bicycle is a CHILDS bike. Although it's roughly the right width, it's probably not strong enough to support the weight and stresses the C5 has on it. Also the steering is all wrong, and probably the rear wheel base doesn't fit the C5's body housing! :P


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