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Which battery replacement?


Paul Langton-Rogers:

This has probably been asked a zillion times already so apologies but...

I've heard it said the C5 can take any suitable car battery as a replacement, with so many different types of car batteries available, I'm somewhat confused on which to get, or whether I should be looking for anything in particular? Are some standard 12V 36-40Ah car batteries not suitable for the C5? The original battery was specially designed wasn't it, which suggests it has unusual properties different to a normal car battery? I'm thinking the ability the withstand frequent deep discharge cycles (down to 80% as I recall) which normally would ruin an ordinary lead-acid battery before long if done regularly?

So does anyone have any suggestions on what I should look for, and what I should avoid in a 12V lead acid battery on eBay?

Also, couple of quick questions to your techies who done restorations:

1) How important is keeping a replacement battery within the original size dimensions? Is it imperative to fit the space, or is there some flexibility? If there is limited flexibility on oversize, where is the flexibility (perhaps height? rather than width and length?).

2) The original C5 had a battery mounting cover as I recall. Is replacing the battery just a case of removing that (due to it not fitting a new replacement battery), and making a new suitable high-current wiring fixture onto the car battery?

3) What about charging? I have the original C5 charger, but I assume that is not safe/suitable to be used to charge a new car battery? Where do people buy car battery chargers, are they cheap and readily available and is there any make or type people recommend for the C5?

Thanks in advance guys!!

P.S. I'm hoping to order a battery+charger (if needed) this week and test a C5 which hasn't been powered up for nearly 30 years!!! I've been told it was in full working order prior to going into 30 years of storage..so it will be interesting to see if it does spring back to life with a new battery (the old battery is missing, but the charger is in boot, and all the wiring is intact and looks perfect). I will film the occasion and upload for those interested!  :)


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