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Sinclair c10

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but the c10 has all ready been built. its called the ellert electric.

Nice find... similar, definately...

Even today, high capital outlay, fire risk, and range anxiety mark out the electric car. The range extender car gets rid of the range anxiety, but apparently not the fire risk. The appearance of fracking, and the recent advances in Otto cycle spark ignition engine effieciency( viz the Ford Ecoboost) seems to herald the advent of a predominance within a handful of years of LPG or CNG powered vehicles for the next two or three decades.

Retro Andy:
Two people on the forum used to have one of them, I think they are also called the Mini-El, the two I know of through the forum used to be one of the Gibbs brothers from the Beegees, quite cool things and strange to drive  :)

Retro Andy.


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