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A replacement for the ULA chip

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

the last months I spend nearly all my rare free time in a new project and today (I can't say how happy I am to finish this just in time to Christmas...!) I like to present you:

the ULA replacement module

For the first time in history (as far as I know) there is an alternative for lost or damaged C5 ULA chips.
This module replaces the original ULA chip in the POD of the Sinclair C5 and provides some additional features.
Some exemplary features listed:

* Driving the LED bar displays for voltage and current as like as the original chip does
* Measuring the motor temperature and providing an option to connect a motor cooling fan
* Measuring the speed and pedalling rate
* Pedelec mode - allows you to drive the C5 within the EU without further insurance or accreditation
* Outputs all drive data and system information via a common serial interface
I started this as a tiny hobbyist project - not much more than a proof of concept - but during the last months it turned into a huge project, including a small batch series of modules.

This project is no crazy idea or something that started and then ended in talking - it is

* a completed project
* fully functional
* tested and working (I'm using the replacement module in my own C5)
* well documented
* and it is a open source freeware project - everyone is invited to rebuild, improve or modify it
Sorry I thing I'm a little bit overexcited since I finally finished this project. Back to the facts:
I've wrote an extensive project documentation here which will answer all your questions.

The replacement module will be inserted in the IC socket in place of the original ULA chip.
Inside the control box (below the seat) you need to add an additional resistor, remove another one and cut a cable which comes from the POD and can now be used to control a fan. And that's all.
My project documentation will show you how to install the replacement module in detail.

The replacement module enables you to convert the C5 easily into a pedelec bicycle which allows you to drive it without insurance or any accreditation within the entire EU.

The software for the microcontroller of the replacement module can be upgraded via a bootloader program.
This makes sure everyone will be able to upgrade to new firmware with less effort and without any programming knowledge.

There is so much to tell about but maybe the best would be if you just read the project documentation.

Now, if you thing this is all good and fine - the best is yet to come:
I build a small series of modules. All completely assembled and programmed - ready to install and rock 'n roll:

During the next days I will be in holidays. When I'm back I will start a new topic in the marketplace here to sell these modules. The only thing I can tell so far is that the price will be about 40 EUR (circa £ 34.00) for an assembled and programmed module including accessories.

Until then I'm looking forward your comments.
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


PS: Maybe there are still some spelling errors in my documentation. This project literally finished "last-minute" and I'm really glad to do something completely different and forget about the ULA chip for the next days.

Phil as a fellow newbie may I say just one word.


Well done - I also suggest you have become 'Sinclair C5 god status'!!!!


Outstanding !

Looking forward to seeing those up for sale in the market place section, it should help keep a few more c5's on the road in their original format.

Well done mate  8)

Outstanding - top man - lost for words - you are elevated to C5 GOD status !!!!!!!!

Well done at last the C5 lives on . Put me down for two Bye Chas  ...


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