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Motor and Gearbox Bearings


In case anybody needs this information in the future I have just stripped my motor and gearbox and measured up all of the bearings to be re-ordered. If you shop around on eBay a full set can be had for around £12 (including delivery).

Large gearbox bearing x 1

40 x 52 x 7 (6808)

Small gearbox bearings x 2

7 x 19 x 6 (607)

Main motor bearings x 2

12 x 32 x 10 (6201)

Hope this helps some of you out :)

Here is the information for the two rear drive bearings as well:

Large drive cog clutch bearing

20 x 26 x 26 (HFL2026)

Motor housing bearing

20 x 26 x 16 (HK2016)


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