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Gearbox pinion
« on: 13, June, 2009 - 11:22:34 »
Hi forum, need a gearbox pinion and I believe they either don't exist as replacements so its a case of buy a c5 secondhand and hope its got a good gearbox and pinion.

So all this chat about 24volt c5's eating their gearboxes and the amount of worn / failed gearboxes lead me to the following questions...

i.  Are gearboxes and pinions avialable?
ii.  What is the appetite from the c5 comunity to all club in and have some made professionally in a more suitable stronger more durable material?
Cheers all...


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Re: Gearbox pinion
« Reply #1 on: 13, June, 2009 - 20:45:32 »
I'd guess that Adam Harper still has a few gearboxes for sale , plus a gent in Milton Keynes puts a few up on Ebay every now and then , so there are a few still out there.

I looked into getting some metal gearboxes professionally manufactured , ones that would be a direct "plug in" replacement - but was put off by the £1000 cost (per unit !)

A few of us have approached some engineer types with their own lathes,  CNC's etc but nothing has emerged as yet.

I've not given up and am still exploring a few alternatives...