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The Citroen is dead... Long live the Citroen!

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It is with great sadness that I must announce the passing of our beloved Xantia. After a long and exceptionally painful period of illness it finally went to meet it's maker when the turbo gasped it's last a few days ago. However! My wife found us a new car... A Xsara Estate, W reg, 11 months test, 2 months ticket, a few scuffs but none particularly severe... Runs great, for £250 :-) So! Now need to get roof bars and a towbar to start taking the C5's to shows again lol!

Luke S:
any pics of this car  ;)

Well it's a bit camera shy at the moment, but I'll talk to it tomorrow and see what I can do ;-)

I'm a big fan of "banger-nomics" , buying cheaper older cars is a fun way of trying to beat the system  ;).

Sounds like you came up trumps mate  8)

Well I have to admit that the main reason for not being able to spend much on a new car was due to spending too much on C5's...  ::)

Right! Photos! Here's the deceased member of the family on the way to it's burial...

Poor old girl... really did us proud and sorely missed...

And here's the latest addition to the troop!


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