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New Motors and Wheels For Sale


Hi Guys

Found a box of spares in loft so if anyone is interested

2 x NEW motors, stickers on side say Polymotor Italiana and state 12v 29a 250w and 3,300 rpm and have both black and red leads attached. Both have slight plastic damage to Bakelite covering around the area wires connect but don't effect the workings ( must have got damaged when put in box). I have tested and both working, selling for £125 each plus postage on forum, I am putting them on ebay for £140 each. Both sold

2 x NEW wheels (just the plastics)  no fixings, bearings or tyres just the wheels, selling for £20.00 each plus postage on forum , again putting these on ebay at £30.00 each. Both wheels sold thanks Mark

Any one interested let me know

http://s1377.photobucket.com/user/ianyoung2ianyoung13/library/Sinclair%20C5       Click Link for other photos


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