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Hi All.
I'm new to this C5 stuff as I only picked mine up yesterday.
Where can people buy the waterproof skins and storage covers ? I'm also after one of those flags to stick to the back.
Cheers Andy

Hi bud - welcome along - once upon a time there used to be a chap called Adam Harper that had all the stock you requested and much more - then sadly one day he vanished off the face of the earth !!!!!! - now your best bet is Karl who run's this website or Chas or e-bay - the side covers etc have recently been manufactured by coverman so worth giving him a shout  :) :) :)

excellent cheers I'll give him a look.
Does anyone happen to know anyone in the East Anglia region that works on c5's ?

Hi there ...

Welcome to the Forum ...

There re a few of us in this part of the world, i am in Peterborough if you need a hand with anything C5 just ask, very friendly and helpful bunch on here who will give you any help you need..


Hi and welcome, Send in some photos of your C5.

We are here to help.



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