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Hello to all!


Hello to all - I am a new C5 owner, and although I know little about the mechanics and electrics, I am willing to learn.  I am so pleased to be a part of the C5 family, so thank you for allowing me to be here on C5alive.  My C5 is in need of an overhaul to get it road worthy, and if there is anyone in the West Sussex area, or at least down South, that could help, please could you contact me.  Meanwhile, Happy C5 Days to everyone!  Kevin

Hello there!

Have fun restoring your C5 - I knew very little about them when I started - now I just know little!!!

If you have any specific questions, just post them here!!

Hi there I do have videos on stripping and restoring C5s on YouTube just look under JAYDAN8ISH
BYE Chas

Thanks, Chas, I will have a look.  I am taking a trip up North soon, however, to visit my niece and nephew, so I may call you next week and see if there's a convenient date to drop it off and pick it back up again on the way back - let's see anyway.  Meanwhile, I'll certainly have a look on YouTube. Have a good weekend. Kevin

Hi there ok no problem bye Chas


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