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Hello from the USA


I just started restoring a non-working C5 in Wisconsin, USA.  I purchased it in Detroit. Has turn signal kit, mirrors, gray boot and serial #380 from january 1985.

Proud to be part of this group.  Thanks!

Hello! You are the first person in North America I've seen w/ a C5! I thought I was the only crazy one! I'm in northern Ontario, Canada. Are you planning to restore to original or do some modifications?

I decided to modify mine quite a bit, but stay true to the design aesthetic. First up is moving the power button to the right handlebar! No more having to choose between hand signals and power!

I've got quite a list of other mods to do over the winter. What are your winters like there? I'm looking at 5 months before I can even think of hitting the road again.

Good to meet you!

Hi I have sold a new C5 motor to a C5er in  Coper cliff Sudbury  Canada .if you like I can contact him and ask if I can pass on his details to you
Bye Chas


there's a couple of C5s in Oklahoma, one is in Tulsa, and I believe the other is in the same region. IIRC there's also one in California.


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