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Greetings from Germany


Hi C5-Friends,

I wanted to have a C5 since I was 15 years old.
More than 25 years ago.

Now I have bought one.

Pretty good Condition,  very little Rust on the Chassis but all electrical/electronic Components came in a Box and are not tested.
No Problem because I want to replace them with modern Pedelec  Stuff to meet German regulations. At least almost.   ;)

I got some new tires and some of the missing Parts  like Front Wheel Cover and Boot Lock are on their way from UK and NL so I can take it for a pedal Ride in the next few Days before I take it apart and start the Project.

Still no information about the Gearbox Modification. The seller got it like it is and I was not able to find a similar one in the mighty Google Search.

All the best,

Think looking at it now it just looks like it an alloy cup that goes over the gearbox outer case and holds it in place due to the original fingers have broken off that hold the gear box in place


--- Quote from: C5 ENTHUSIAST + RESTORER on  04, April, 2015  - 10:30:04 ---... just ...  an alloy cup

--- End quote ---

That but a very well done one including an alloy belt-drive.
I guess I will cleaning and put it up for trade along with the wiring and the electronics.
Not in a Hurry.  I'll see.


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