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C5 possibly available, offers?


Paul Langton-Rogers:
Hi all,

Here is the C5 itself...

I purchased the C5 off the original owner from new, who is now an elderly gentleman. The C5 has been in dry-storage for over a decade but as you can see, is in need of some TLC and restoration to tidy it up and get it back running again. There's no battery included, however the motor and electrics I have been told should be in good working order still.

I'm still in two minds about whether to restore this myself as I don't think I will be using it or keeping it after restoring, so not sure it's worth the time and hassle.

How much is a C5 worth in this condition as a restoration project, or if anyone is interested in acquiring it for parts maybe, how much would you think it's worth?

Photos album link:



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