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Back again
« on: 15, May, 2016 - 18:31:28 »
I was previously on here as Nitrowing but so long ago that the forum forgot me!
My previous posts are still here though  ???

Anyways, it's sad to see how few new posts there have been - I guess everyone has moved to the Jerry Springer of the internet, FarceBook.

My C5 is still sitting on it's tail in the corner of the living room, ready for take off!

I have to say I did lose a bit of enthusiasm due to working abroad and having too many projects on the go.

I'd still like to get a better motor fitted, one that will pull 15mph uphill would be perfect.
I never discovered what size the crank was to replace it with a sealed unit.
I'm still debating which rear geared hub to fit.
I never found a shop to get the front disc hub fitted to the rim.
I've looked endlessly at leading link front forks.
I gave up on the idea of a powered front hub due to the price.,561.msg4235.html#msg4235