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Been a while, hello again.


Not signed on for some time, but used to be quite active on here when I owned my c5s. I'm now thinking  of getting another one.
Does anyone know what happened to the modified 'c5' that ran down Santa Pod a few years ago?
It was when c5alive had a stand at the electric vehicle event, and was built, if I remember, by Karl and someone else. Think it hit around 55mph and was a custom build based on a c5.

Good luck with getting a reply, it's like a ghost town nowadays...  :(

I see what you mean  :(. I remember this being a very popular and busy website /forum, even when Facebook seemed to be taking over, but maybe it's gone down that route too ??
Have to see if anyone else will reply too - still be interesting to know if that modified c5 is in one piece and running, or just gathering dust and looking for a new owner  :)

Just remembered, and checked - it was the C5000, and the Santa Pod 55mph run was back in 2011.


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