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New owner
« on: 05, September, 2016 - 14:43:36 »
Seeing as I now have a C5 in my garage, I figured I should introduce myself!

My name is Martin and due to a stroke of good luck, I was given a C5 that had been sat in storage for the last six years. It had been bought via ebay as needing a battery, but the purchaser had never got around to even doing that before it got shoved in a corner and left, so by the time I got it, it was looking a little sorry for itself.

I have the keyswitch, but no key and so I popped some quick release clamps on instead, bought some new inner tubes online, acquired a 75ah leisure gel battery and started having fun. Already it's proven to be a huge hit with anyone who has had a go!

It has all sorts of extra bits and bobs stuck on it and so the next step will be to remove those and give it a good clean. Unfortunately there are some deep scratches where it has been moved from one storage place to another over the years.

Next job is to actually take it out on a measured run and see how far the battery will take me. Even though it's a new leisure battery, it seems to run down relatively quickly so I will have to look into why that might be.

Ironically, I work for Classic & Sports Car magazine and so will be writing about this in the 'Our Classics' reports in the back of the mag, starting with the November issue. Will be an interesting counterpoint to the £million classics that it will have as company in print!

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Re: New owner
« Reply #1 on: 10, September, 2016 - 18:04:18 »
Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of the C5.
it is getting quiet here, but if you need any help just ask.