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Greetings from Austria


Dear friends of the C5,
as luck would have it I have been the proud owner of a C5 (serial number 100051001173)since the end of June. It had been resting in peace for the last decades in the yard of a waterlily farm here in Graz. The original idea was to transport waterlilies from one pond to the other (of course with a trailer) :-) As the terrain is not very C5 friendly - the farm being situated on a slope - the project was abandoned pretty soon - after the controlbox refused to work.... the usual problems - blown fuse - burned diode - faulty IC ....

At the moment I am trying to put the parts together again  - the only problem I have is the hoop - it was badly out of shape  - Ed offered to send me a used one - which at the time didn't seem necessary to me - but now obiously it is .... :-) I emailed him already....

Will keep you informed!

Regards Hans (probably the only C5 owner in Austria)  :-)


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