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Title: c5 in Shanghai
Post by: Karl on 22, January, 2013 - 17:23:52
I've received an email from a guy working on a c5 in Shanghai , I've copied part of it below;

Hi Karl
I have imported an C5 I bought from ebay.co.uk as I am consulting to www.yuneec.com and they are using their new generation patented brushless motors for a variety of products.
They are just manufacturing a new motor design now for their  www.e-boards.com  and they also plan to put in a new motor and lithium ion battery in the C5.   Maybe they can make a conversion kit for C5's with a highly efficient and more powerful motor?  we shall see.   At the moment it is just for a bit of fun, the owner of Yuneec wanted to see what Sir Clive had made all those years ago - hence the import.   I think it may be the only one in China.  The owner of Yuneec (Tian Yu) is an entrepreneur and may build an Electric car that probably resembles a Bong Bug more than a C5. 

It just goes to show you never know where they'll turn up  8)

This is a link to one of their projects;

...I'd love to see that go to the AER event  :)
Title: Re: c5 in Shanghai
Post by: Luke S on 22, January, 2013 - 17:32:31
I don't think I would want a motor as powerful as that :o :o With that acceleration the tyers on the C5 would spinn up and they would not last 5 mins. You would defiantly need a speed controller
Title: Re: c5 in Shanghai
Post by: Howard81 on 22, January, 2013 - 17:56:49
Certainly sounds like an interesting project!  Please invite him to join the forum and post photos! :D
Title: Re: c5 in Shanghai
Post by: danny7147 on 22, January, 2013 - 18:11:41
Be interesting to know the cost if it gets to it. Same subject, different thought, on the basis C5's were designed to top out at 14mph to avoid insurance and licences, if it exceeds that would it then be classed as a motorbike? Electric vehicle? I'm curious to know what licence people would technically need to ride that thing!
Title: Re: c5 in Shanghai
Post by: KarlG on 22, January, 2013 - 18:16:46
Wow! Are we going to see some C5s with radiators fitted.  ::)

Danny, you might end up burning your fingers if you try to legally put and uprated C5 on the road.
Title: Re: c5 in Shanghai
Post by: mhurt on 22, January, 2013 - 18:54:43
I'd be happy with something semi-legal that could get me uphill! Not too bothered about the speed - could probably get away with something that didn't exceed the 15mph speed but was still powerful enough to pull away without pedalling and get up reasonable hills.
Title: Re: c5 in Shanghai
Post by: Lancealot on 22, January, 2013 - 21:33:39
I feel the need...............................................................................

the need for speed.........................................................................

Geat them to redesign the motor and gearbox for the 24v conversion you can always use the trusted Uni 8 controller.