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Title: A roof for the C5
Post by: Jonatan on 22, September, 2013 - 22:05:29
Hello guys,
I have been planning for some days now and came up with a roof for the C5. Its great when youve got full raincoats for it and all, yet its still totaly unpractical in a way, as the driver gets all of the rain in his face and has a soaked raincoat in his house later, which just drips with water.  What I think is much more logical, is building a roof which fits on the pod- brackets and the high viz mast hole. If I would manage making a lightweight roof with plexiglass, You would stay dry while driving and would have a roof which can even protect you from the sun (uv filter!?!). Im gonna try to start next weekend and tell you how it goes. If it turns out to be sturdy and lightweight, I might make some sets that can dismantle and be sent to england (which I highly doubt would be possible inexpensively... ) Well, never the less, I am going to try making the roof and tell you how it goes. I might also add some tuning lights to the roof!?! :-D  Please comment and add any ideas you think might be important. Also, what do you think would be a good extra height to the top, so it doesn't look indynamic and might just blow off.  So, please comment! :-)

Yours, Jonatan
Title: Re: A roof for the C5
Post by: Luke S on 23, September, 2013 - 18:11:26
Dose it have sides or you will just get rain coming through from there  ;)
Title: Re: A roof for the C5
Post by: Luke S on 23, September, 2013 - 18:15:29
Also it would look great if you had some of those lights on the inside (along the top corners) then you have all round lighting  8)
Title: Re: A roof for the C5
Post by: Jonatan on 23, September, 2013 - 18:21:10
Haha, yeah, thats my plan! I always see those plexiglass like materials, which are flexible and clear. I might try those as walls. And yeh, the lighting will hopefully look cool! :-D
Title: Re: A roof for the C5
Post by: coverman on 27, September, 2013 - 12:12:05
Plexiglass is not flexible. PVC is. I can supply it,fire retardent UV resistant(ie resistant to yellowing) it comes by the metre, 1.5 m wide.
Title: Re: A roof for the C5
Post by: rekooh99 on 27, September, 2013 - 12:21:01
Coverman how much do  you charge for the pvc per metre?
Title: Re: A roof for the C5
Post by: Jonatan on 29, September, 2013 - 20:58:32
Well, plexiglass is flexible enough for my purpous. It bends okay, but nut much. Also, i cant order from you as I live in germany and I bet shipping is expensive... Thanks though mate!

I might need a few more weeks till i can start. We are at Alton towers this weekend (going by plane) and Im in holland and Spain the following weekends. Gotta see if I find any time in between...

Title: Re: A roof for the C5
Post by: coverman on 30, September, 2013 - 12:22:02
Clear PVC is £10.80 per linear metre (ie it is 1.5 metres wide so you are getting 1.5 sq metres ) including VAT. Carriage will depend on number of metres purchased or you can collect from our Leeds factory if preferred(not open at weekends). We can ship to Germany incidentally, £24 for up to 30 Kg.
Title: Re: A roof for the C5
Post by: Jonatan on 30, September, 2013 - 17:26:43
Hello Mate,
im sorry, im going to have to get the materials from someone else... I think that even if I pay a slight amount more in germany, I wouls still save 24 pounds for shipping, as that really is a lot. Dont feel offended, its just that I need to keep the material costs low, so I can afford it. But still, many thanks for asking! :-)

Title: Re: A roof for the C5
Post by: Theojw71 on 27, April, 2014 - 10:50:35
So, any update on this roof design? I found it fascinating that I have just bought a C5 and had pretty much the same idea.

However, I think two other design aspects should be brought to bear.

ONE - cheaper and lighter material construction, as plexiglass or Pvc sounds a bit overkill, which is why I am going to attempt to use a thin flexible wire frame and the UV protective skin fabric you get on popup tents.

TWO - portability. You don't need a roof until it starts to rain, so ideally you want a design that folds into the boot and can be quickly attached if you get caught in a shower. high end Ferrari and Lambo roadsters use this philosophy, though their designs are so hopelessly complex that they cannot easily be raised when needed.

So, my idea is a popup wire and tent canvas framework which slots and locks into the high vis mast holes at the rear, curves up above head height and outward, and then curves over and forward and grips around the front canopy, clipped into position behind the POD. That way no drilling to the bodywork is required and the roof cover flares out a little like an umbrella.

A clever enough design using spring-wire like a popup childs tent could fold and pack away small enough to go in the boot, and spring instantly into shape for attachment if it rains.

Who knows? Maybe the C5 might take a new record as the fastest erected soft top production car in the world.