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Title: Electric Bike
Post by: Kurt on 26, February, 2009 - 14:43:45
As much as I love running about in my C5, I have been chewing the cud over whether to buy an electric bike for my general running about on and finally bit the bullet and got this.


I went to a few different shops and tried a couple and really liked this one and it can really shift :)

You have standard bike mode, pedal assist where it does half the work or lazy boy mode and twist and go on the throttle. 36v lithium battery and so far very pleased with it and if I could put two additions on my c5, it would be a couple of gears and disc brakes.

These really do make a difference!

Still can not beat the smile factor running around in Jetpac and looking forward to the Horsham run.


Title: Re: Electric Bike
Post by: Umpa on 26, February, 2009 - 15:51:21
That looks cool, can I ask
How much ?
Is 36v legal ?
How fast?
How far?
How old you need to be?

It's the game of 5 questions LOL

Title: Re: Electric Bike
Post by: Kurt on 26, February, 2009 - 18:01:33
Ok here we go:

36v is road legal as it is restricted under electric power to 15mph, but with six speed gears and your own pedalling then you can go as fast as you can pedal. I need to get my cycle computer on this to try and get some speed readings but surprised quite a few drivers at the lights with a fast off and maintained speed.

Range again varies depending if you are just using the throttle or pedal assist mode. It recons on power only you should get 15-20 miles and pedal assist upto 40 miles, again will let you know more when cycle comp fitted. The beauty is even if the battery completly dies then it is still a six speed mountain bike and admitedly heavier than a normal bike but quite ridable. (Unlike poor old Jetpac which is a real effort to peddle if the battery dies).

The price is the best or worst bit. I saw this bike in the shops branded as a Wispa eco sport which sells for £1,200 (Ouch), which as you can guess really put me off. This one is unbranded but identical spec and got from ebay for £480 including delivery!
Title: Re: Electric Bike
Post by: Umpa on 26, February, 2009 - 18:15:26
wow nice one !
Title: Re: Electric Bike
Post by: Karl on 26, February, 2009 - 18:36:53
...that is a fab looking peice of kit , most impressed.

I tried out a similar one in Bristol when visiting Nikki for a BVS event. They are a good laugh, and surprisingly quick  8)

Any objection to me moving this to the other interests section ?
Title: Re: Electric Bike
Post by: Kurt on 26, February, 2009 - 18:56:29
No that is fine Karl.

I hope to bring this with me as well to Brooklands. Then you (and anyone else), can have a proper go.

It is great fun and I am sure that I saw a mod for it some where that gives you an 'off road' mode 'strictly' for use not on public road that overides the 15mph upto 20 mph.

:) Kurt.   ;D
Title: Re: Electric Bike
Post by: Karl on 26, February, 2009 - 19:01:11
...you want to try out the Brooklands test hill mate !

I watched Bob French peddle up it during the press conference   :o

He was using a racing bike, and managed to wheelspin going up !

 ....bet he eats three Shredded Wheat every day !!
Title: Re: Electric Bike
Post by: Kurt on 01, March, 2009 - 14:27:03
Certainly happy to take on the Test Hill challenge and see how it does.

I have changed the tyres for some Swhable Marathon Plus tyres, which are much better on the road and have much less rolling resistance and are also 'puncture resistant'. Also fitted a wireless cycle computer and gave it a test run today.

I am getting an Average speed of 16mph, with token pedalling, but if I combine the throttle and moderate pedaling then I am getting 20mph, which I was quite impressed with. Best top speed so far has been 26mph.

Best fun is dropping it to 3rd or 4th gear and then doing a fast pedal and full throttle twist away from the lights as you can really zip off fast and left a few startled drivers behind, which was great fun.

Was also fun overtaking some bod on his racer bike decked out in all the Lycra, with me in my big coat and a rucksack full of shopping, whizzing past him barely breaking a sweat!
Title: Re: Electric Bike
Post by: Umpa on 11, March, 2009 - 07:38:52
Have you seen this

I want one !
Title: Re: Electric Bike
Post by: Karl on 11, March, 2009 - 08:00:51
Have you seen this

I want one !

That does look interesting  :)

...although I am puzzled as to how it manages to fit into the same category as a C5  :-\

This is the spec ( as quoted form Roy Woodwards site) ;

a new category of electrically assisted vehicle was legally defined in August 1983. The key features were:

Two or three wheels with pedal propulsion
Maximum weight of 40 or 60 Kg, depending on vehicle configuration
Maximum motor continuously rated output, 200 or 250 Watts, depending on vehicle configuration
Maximum powered speed 15 mph (24 kph)
In addition, this class of vehicle could be driven by any one of 14 years of age and over. It did not require a licence, insurance or road tax. Furthermore no protective helmet had to be worn.

Given that the "electric mopeds" previously sold via F2 motorcycles as suitable for 14yr olds were recently re-classified as motor vehicles (therefore became subject to road tax,insurance,helmet,licence etc etc), I have my concerns that these new three wheelers might not be legal ? Just looking at the piccie suggests they are too heavy to qualify

This is from the F2 motorcycles site ;

WHO CAN RIDE AN ELECTRIC BIKE.....Electric bikes are clearly defined under two UK laws so please make sure when you buy one that it complies with at least one of them. Put very simply, if it has usable pedals just like a bike, weighs less than 40 kg, has 200 watts or less power and will not exceed 14 mph on the motor alone, it is probably road legal. If it looks like a kids scooter and has no pedals like a push bike, it's not road legal.. If it's faster and heavier it will need to registered as a moped. Anyone of 14 years or older can ride an electric bike on the public road or cycle path with no licence, no insurance, and no crash helmet. Just as with normal push bikes, all the usual road markings should be obeyed and they should not be ridden on the pavement or anywhere else a push bike is not allowed to be ridden

Then there is this aspect to consider ;

Whether a pedal vehicle with an electric motor should be regarded as a pedal cycle or a motor vehicle (as per section 185 RTA 1988) depends on it's primary method of propulsion. In Winter v DPP 2002 the Court considered the nature of a 'City bug', a scooter type device with an electric motor and pedals on the front wheel (fitted to try and get round the above British regulations).
The American version of the City Bug without the pedals
The vehicle was shown to be primarily intended for use with a motor. Using the pedals was difficult and precarious. It could not be used safely on the roads by pedal power alone. The vehicle was deemed to be a motor vehicle not a pedal cycle. Also see the document relating the the meaning of a motor vehicle and / or DPP v Saddington 2000 for a similar decision regarding Go-ped type powered scooters.
A pedal cycle with a built in electric motor to assist on hills was marketed by Sir Clive Sinclair in the 1990's as a 'Zike'. This was held to be a  pedal cycle. The question as to whether Sir Clive's ill-fated electric 'C5' machine was a pedal cycle is less clear. It is considered more likely that it would now be regarded as a motor vehicle because the pedals were intended to assist the electric motor rather than the other way round.
If there is some doubt in the future it is suggested that a look at the marketing literature produced by a manufacturer may assist and of course if need be a statement may always be obtained from them. However, the matter will ultimately be a decision for the courts.

Quite sad how things get complicated really quickly  ::)

I'm not being a killjoy, I'd love to see them on the roads - but before parting with my cash I'd want to be certain I could legally use the thing  ;)
Title: Re: Electric Bike
Post by: Umpa on 11, March, 2009 - 15:33:52
I'm not going to get one I mearly want one :)

I can't see any pedels on it, so did wonder if it was legal.

I think the uk will slacken the law in a bit and allow things like that.

Edit :- I see the pedels now LOL 
Title: Re: Electric Bike
Post by: alan1310 on 11, March, 2009 - 15:44:34
is well sweet man does it feel well built