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Hi there I will be  posting the item today
Bye Chas
For Sale - Sinclair C5 Parts & Accessories / Re: Rear near side wheel wanted
« Last post by musntgrumble on 29, February, 2016 - 17:11:29 »
Thats extremely kind of you sorry not been on for ages !

Its Mark Allen
5 Anglesey Drive
SK12 1BT

If you PM me with the postage costs Ill paypal them to you much appreciated
C5 Chatroom / Re: Paul Daniels and the first sale of a c5
« Last post by C5 ENTHUSIAST + RESTORER on 21, February, 2016 - 15:23:59 »
Great that's just magic
C5 Chatroom / Re: Paul Daniels and the first sale of a c5
« Last post by Pep on 21, February, 2016 - 09:49:41 »
Excellent ! :)

That's magic !
C5 Chatroom / Paul Daniels and the first sale of a c5
« Last post by Robosoft on 20, February, 2016 - 20:55:23 »
I was sat in a restaurant having a meal with Paul Daniels we got chatting about the C5.   

During the day of filming for Tomorrows World,  Paul Daniels was due to do some filming at the BBC.  He turned up as usual in his car only to be told that he could not park his car in the car park by a snotty security guard.  So he turned his car round and parked in a street near by.  20mins later his phone rang, "Where are you?" the BBC asked.  He told them that he wasn't allowed in to park his car by security.  "Come back and we will send the guard on a break and let you in".  Paul drove back and parked.   

On walking through the car park he saw something odd whizzing about.  "Whats that?" he asked.  "Oh thats the new car Clive Sinclair is launching, they are testing it for the show Tomorrows world" replied the producer.  Paul walked over to the C5 and asked "Where can I get one?"  he was told by the man from Sinclair, they are coming out soon and he could get one for £400. "I wan't one now" said Paul. "you can't" came the reply.

"Listen, Tomorrow I will drive this through London and advertise it for you if I can buy one now!"  a few phone calls were made the deal done and a cheque was handed over.

The following day Paul took delivery of the C5 and took it back to the to London,  Got in and drove it past the very same security man at the BBC. He drove The C5 straight under the barrier and round the car park with security man in hot pursuit.  This was the only reason he wanted to buy the C5.

Later that day he drove it around London as promised.   

Paul thinks one of his son's has the C5 now. 

C5alive Information / A prototype off-roader
« Last post by C5 ENTHUSIAST + RESTORER on 06, February, 2016 - 09:30:05 »
Hi here is the original off-roader  from 1985 there where  only 2 ever made so I decided to have a go at making one I had the help from Brian from the USA as he had just bought one of the original ones he helped me by posting photo and info ...of it as you can see he has quiet a lot of work to get it looking and running again

And how it is today

And here is my copy of it

Hi some more photos to follow

C5alive Information / Re: Restoring a C5 and fitting a 8 speed hub
« Last post by Thor069 on 22, January, 2016 - 09:35:24 »
Hello Chas,

Thank you for the information and photo.

my mail is t.hochstadt(AT)

Where get you the gear cog for the transmission and how do you soldering it?
The metal profile that you us you made yourself and its witch metal (seems to be 3mm thick or?)
Why did you mount the hub from down in the holder, from Up the hub can’t fall down and I think the holder work better or?

Best regards.
Hi here is a photo of a 7 speed I fitted ..this is the way I do all of them ....

Hi there it did have a back break but I took it off as it would not work as it was a back brake .
Regarding the fixing the hub to the frame I used a flat piece of metal as wide as the inside frame drilled and bolted it to the fram so it would not move two slots cut out to fit the hub axle c
I got the 8 speed hub off a bent wheel.
The drive cog was welded to the hub .
I will try and send some photos to you ..
Can you send me your email address
Bye Chas
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