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Hi there it did have a back break but I took it off as it would not work as it was a back brake .
Regarding the fixing the hub to the frame I used a flat piece of metal as wide as the inside frame drilled and bolted it to the fram so it would not move two slots cut out to fit the hub axle c
I got the 8 speed hub off a bent wheel.
The drive cog was welded to the hub .
I will try and send some photos to you ..
Can you send me your email address
Bye Chas
C5alive Information / Re: Restoring a C5 and fitting a 8 speed hub
« Last post by Thor069 on 20, January, 2016 - 10:23:20 »

Herę is the gearing i wanted


I have the seam idea and so a few questions:

1) The Shmiano Nexus is with Model and it has a "back break"?
2) have you a photo of the hub-holder and how do you have fit it to the frame?
3) How many cogs have the 2Gear to transfer to the main axe, the gear on the main ae is the original or?
3b) where have you got this Gear and how do you fixed to the hub?
4) How many cogs have the gear from the Hub, I can get them from 16 to 23dents.
So far my first doubts :-).

Best regards.
For Sale - Sinclair C5 Parts & Accessories / Indicator switch
« Last post by Ray on 01, January, 2016 - 14:35:43 »
To save having to buy from several locations I can supply 3D printed mounting bracket, new rocker switch and new flasher unit c/w warning buzzer.
£12- plus £3- P&P if you are interested.
For Sale - Sinclair C5 Parts & Accessories / Replica mirrors
« Last post by Ray on 01, January, 2016 - 14:33:17 »
I will make pairs of mirrors as required.
A NEW pair of replica Sinclair C5 mirrors complete with fixing brackets, nuts & bolts.
3D printed bodies and brackets, body spray painted to be close to C5 colour.
If not satisfied return within 5 days for refund of cost of mirrors.

If you want a specific colour for your project message me.

£60- a pair plus £5- P&P.
C5 Chatroom / Re: A gift wrapped Sinclair C5 for Christmas.
« Last post by C5 ENTHUSIAST + RESTORER on 25, December, 2015 - 10:47:03 »
Well done great job looks as if has just come out of the factory ....
Happy Christmas to you all
C5 Chatroom / A gift wrapped Sinclair C5 for Christmas.
« Last post by rs20004wd on 25, December, 2015 - 09:51:18 »
 It 'only' took four hours of scrubbing with Cillit Bang, Flash 3-in-1 bleach, Revive compound, cleaning pads, a pressure washer, scalpel and loads of good old fashioned elbow grease to get this Sinclair C5 body looking like it does prior to fitting to the built up chassis very soon.
 After a good drying off I then decided to 'gift wrap' it to keep it as clean as possible before opening the mince pies in celebration! Although it still shows a few battle scars from its thirty years of intermittent use and maybe a little abuse, it gets to keep its original headlight decals.
 Oil had been overused on the chain and had been flung everywhere, a real problem area underneath to remove, but the weather was great a few days ago, clear blue skies all the way, so persistence paid off with the aforementioned list of potions!

Wanted - Sinclair C5 Parts & Accessories / Re: Wanted New original C5 tyres
« Last post by c5mick on 21, November, 2015 - 21:11:06 »
Still looking for that elusive 16" Sinclair tyre
C5 Chatroom / Re: Necessity is the mother of invention!
« Last post by rs20004wd on 09, November, 2015 - 18:16:48 »
Been asked recently for the dimensions for the axle stand.
Base plate is (mm) 750x500, aluminium 3mm thick over a stainless box section frame (stainless steel), box section 20x40.
The uprights are 265mm tall to the centre of the axle and are 340mm apart, 180mm from the widest edge of the base plate and central from either edge.
Hope this helps.
Forum Guide / RefurbishIng some of my motors
« Last post by C5 ENTHUSIAST + RESTORER on 28, October, 2015 - 20:07:37 »
Hi all due to there being very little interest it my new C5 I decided to clean a few motors .
All bearings have be replaced
Non of the parts will be for sale sorry

Hi taken it off due to no interest

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